It's like Xmountains, but with configurable colors.

See the Xmountaincolors project page on notabug or framagit.

Screenshot Gallery

f0796672.png f1032192.png f126146976.png f134522760.png f134525176.png f138692432.png f138693544.png f138756536.png f67507200.png f67515904.png f67517440.png f67519104.png f67522560.png f67523072.png f67537592.png f67540080.png f67540328.png f67589608.png f67597896.png f67599152.png f67604592.png f67605856.png f67990464.png f68009832.png f68216400.png f68218440.png

Here's an example of what the original xmountains looks like (It is still possible to use xmountaincolors in this way by simply not providing a theme name).