Finnish Metereological Institute Weather Forecast Conky

Global weather In English, Finnish or Swedish from the Finnish Metereological Institute

Conky on a light desktop with tinted background

You can put the forecast on your desktop via conky, where it is updated periodically, or bind it to a hotkey to see it in its own window. You can even use the script separately to produce plain text output to be used elsewhere.

Unlike other weather conkys, this one periodically runs a separate script that produces conky syntax. This significantly reduces conkys impact on your system and works around some limitations of conky. Since the script relies on builtins as much as possible (with one notable exception: current observations require javascript), it does not stress your system either. The smallest bottleneck by far is the downloading of the data.

Options can be customized through config files: how far into the future the forecast extends, if you want to see current observations or not, colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds etc.

Make sure to read the Readme's.

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