TempuraFlat GTK2, GTK3, Openbox and Tint2 Themes

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This is based on a really old GTK2 theme, Tempura. I applied the colors and flat shapes to one of the excellent Bunsen themes. This was a manageable task for GTK2, but GTK3... that took me a while. The amount of config text must be about ten times of the GTK2 config text. Upside: It's all CSS.

I created different variations for the Openbox themes, mostly because I need to be able to recognize if a window has focus, even if it's undecorated. So, slightly thicker borders and contrasting colors.

Get it from here

TempuraFlat GTK3

All inclusive screenshot
Openbox theme variations


The GTK Murrine engine, and the Mist engine for nice looking checkboxes.
I'm not sure about GTK3, I don't think it requires any particular engine.
If you're using the Tint2 panel, you can try the media-player-info plugin.


Just clone it to wherever you like, then run ./makelinks.sh "directory". If you omit "directory", it will default to $HOME/.themes. If you are using e.g. lxpanel, you can try the included 30px panel background.