Maemo Leste on a Nokia N900


Since I wrote this, Leste has seen a few updates. Please check it out.

Original OS (Maemo 5 a.k.a. Fremantle)

OS version is already 21.2011.38(PR1.3.1). I will reset the phone (Settings => Top menu: Restore deivce, Clear settings). Lock code is 12345.

Maemo Leste

First steps in trying to install Maemo Leste on N900:

The "If you don't want to use/install Fremantle" option did not work for me. I'm guessing it's because, even if u-boot is not installed, it still needs to find config files on the internal/external storage.

For the "Existing Fremantle" option I had to

  1. install rootsh via Application Manager
  2. gain root by entering sudo gainroot
  3. install u-boot-flasher via command line (apt-cache search to get exact package name, then apt-get install etc.)

From then on I could follow the wiki, but careful: the N900's keyboard adds spaces where it shouldn't!

Succesful Reboot

Maemo Leste runs.

The good news:
Boot time maybe slower, but the UI is actually more responsive than the original Fremantle.



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