Firefox: hide pop‑ups (or any web page element)

Are you using noscript or a similar addon, possibly uMatrix, that blocks javascript, cookies and third party requests?

If so (and probably even if you don't) then you have seen web pages become virtually unreadable for all the additional nagging elelments that pop up top, bottom, left and right.



What to do1 - do you allow javascript and cookies until you can read the article? That's what they want you to do!

Thankfully, there are a few addons that will simply hide/remove these elements from the rendered document:

  1. Element Blocker - the only addon that does not use the context menu, but requires clicking the addon icon or a keyboard shortcut before clicking on each element that is to be blocked. Therefore a little cumbersome to use. But it remembers blocked elements, and it remembers them site-wide.
    This is my favourite.
    Above example, after removing lots of stuff (you have full control over what you want to remove and what not):

  2. Lizard is even more powerful, one can not only hide but also change the appearance of elements (e.g. make the content wider after sidebars have been removed). One has to enable "Remember page alterations" in the preferences, which also allows manual editing of the alteration rules. However, changes are applied per page, and not per site.

  3. Hide Fixed Elements simply hides fixed elements. A very simple one-click solution, but it does not remember anything.

This is not an exhaustive list, if you search for hide elements or block elements you will get a few more results, most of which I have tested, and settled on the three above.

And as far as I understand, one or two of the most used ad-blockers have customisable element blocking functionality built in, more or less.

If you use Pale Moon you can try these:

  1. Remove It Permanently from the Classic Add-ons Archive. Precise context menu choices for removing elements per site, domain, page etc. Rules can be edited afterwards. And as the name says, it remembers changes.

  2. Zap Anything - easy to use. Also has an option to select something and remove everything else. Does not remember changes made.

  1. It's often possible to use Reader View (the "document page" icon in the URL bar), but it's not quite the same