Dead Can Dance

The following text developed as a reply to a forum post of someone who likes Dead Can Dance's "new" stuff a lot.

Sounds like DCD are remaking their old stuff with even better sound recording quality. That's not a bad thing, but mind the roots.
The style of this particular song reminds me of their 1996 album Spiritchaser, which I consider to be their last original content.

I really like Brendan Perry's songs (as my last post might have revealed); but that doesn't mean that I don't like Lisa Gerard's unique singing!

A short history.
Liga Gerard singing: LG
Brendan Perry singing: BP
Brendan Perry singing Lisa Gerard style, or both together: BP/LG

I'm deliberately skipping their first album.

Spleen and Ideal, 1985
Avatar (LG)
Enigma of the Absolute (BP)

Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, 1987
Cantara (LG)
Anywhere Out of the World (BP)

The Serpent's Egg, 1988
Chant of the Paladin (LG)
Severance (BP)

Aion, 1990
This album never revealed itself to me as a whole. I think they went too wild on the medieval style. It contains Saltarello which back then used to be the only DCD many people knew.
Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book (BP)
Song of the Sybil (LG)

Into the Labyrinth, 1993
The Spider's Stratagem (LG)
How Fortunate The Man With None (BP)
Emmeleia (BP/LG)

Their incredible first Live album: Toward the Within, 1994
Yulunga (LG)
American Dreaming (BP) (All-time favourite of mine)
Rakim (BP/LG)

And finally: Spiritchaser, 1996
Indus (LG)
Song of the Dispossessed (BP)
The Snake and the Moon (BP/LG)