September 27th 2015

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Finnish Metereological Institute Weather Forecast Conky

Global weather In English, Finnish or Swedish from the Finnish Metereological Institute

Options can be customized through simple, shell syntax config files.
The shell script produces conky syntax. This results in a very customizable script, which can overcome many of conky's limitations. It also results in a lightweight conky; the script is called only every 30 minutes or so.

The syntax should be understandable for people who have dealt with conky before, and want to customize, but the defaults are usable enough.
There's a little more explanation on the github page, and the config files are well commented.

The script reads configuration, including the weather location URL, from a file provided on the command line. Almost all aspects and conky layout can be overridden from there. A few example configs have been provided in the config folder. try changing "default.cfg" to "mini.cfg" inside conky-itlv!


  • most probably bash. please report back how/if it works on other shells.
  • xmllint (comes with libxml2 or libxml2-utils)
  • conky (just to be on the safe side: conky-all, i have version 1.9.0)

apart from that, sed, wget, and maybe a few other very basic utilities that are most probably already present on your system.

The wrapper conkyrc still uses the old conky 1.9 syntax, however the new lua-based conky 1.10 recognizes this and converts it on the fly.

Download zip file | Clone the repo