The Fluxbox Windowmanager

18 Apr

This article is part 4 of a series.

What fascinates me about Fluxbox is its history. It has been around for a very long time (since ~2001), is still actively developed and has a devoted user base. In its early days it must have been the number one alternative window manager / desktop environment for all the leet & stylish linux hackers.


A collection of Forum Posts I Don't Want to Sink into Oblivion

10 Apr

Sometimes I get a creative kick when writing a reply on some forum, and then I feel a little sorry to think that this "gem" will soon be forgotten and unfindable.


Customizing the Linux Console

25 Feb

A collection of tricks that also have an effect on the non-graphical environment, a.k.a. the console.

I do not use a display manager or splash screen. When my computer boots, I see all messages, then a login prompt.
By default the screen would clear before the login prompt shows up, but I have d...


Arrange long Command Output in Columns

21 Feb

There's this one command whose output you need to look at again and again. It's a long list of short words and whizzes by too fast and using your terminal's scroll function is cumbersome. Of course there's more or less, but that is cumbersome, too!

Searching the web for a solution only leeds t...


The i3 Window Manager

31 Jan

Part three of a series.

i3 is a tiling window manager. That's how it advertises itself, but dynamic and floating both apply, too.

On a minimal system like mine, the windowmanager is most of the working environment. To determine how well it supports my workflow and integrates with my other utilities, I have to use it for a while. Longer than planned, I simply never got around to testing the next windowmanager or even going back to my old favorite openbox. Which is a good sign - i3 is usable.