Welcome to my website.

It's mostly a collection of articles about Linux stuff, a sort of diary of important changes I made to my system or how I solved a particularly tricky problem. Whatever I deemed worth remembering.
Sometimes their value to others - or even myself - is questionable. If that is the case they are tagged as such.

There will also be photgraphy and some music when I have rescued more stuff from my previous, crashed blog.
There's no reason why there couldn't also be some real life blogging rants & articles. I don't do Facebook or other "social" sites apart from a couple of Linux forums; maybe I need some sort of outlet. There are some reviews and forum posts.

I am not a computer professional. I have no particular reason for running a web server, it's really just a hobby; on the other hand computers and the internet are becoming more and more essential to our civilised lives, and I think it's good to know how they work, be able to fix things, and run your own where possible. To control our little helpers, and not be controled by them.

I started using Linux in 2012. Today I run Arch Linux on my desktop and Debian on my kitchenserver.

Just like in my browsing habits, this site stays clear of javascript and does not require cross-site requests.