Setting up a ThinkPad x250 with Linux

... wip...

BIOS Update

The latest BIOS update for this machine is from September this year. Impressive for a 5-year-old laptop. I checked the BIOS, it is at a lower verion than the current 1.38. I downloaded the .iso (first item on this list) and followed the instructions here.

Going through the BIOS - there's loads of interesting options! ...

Installing Bunsenlabs

The Debian installer required firmware iwlwifi, possible to load from external device like USB stick. This is most likely to succeed with a FAT32-formatted device. I simply copied the relevant firmware (from my ArchLinux installation, I do not think this is distro-specific) to the USB stick:

cp /lib/firmware/iwlwifi* /media/Some-USB-Stick/; sync

Then put the stick in the Lenovo's 2nd USB slot, and told the installer to continue.

Full encryption worked. Power management appears to work reasonably well (still testing).

Keep in mind that Bunsenlabs is still based on Debian Stretch (oldstable), but that doesn't matter much on a classical openbox desktop, and on a device that fits right into the time frame (it came out 2015, stretch became testing the same year, and stable in 2017).

Fingerprint Reader

Following these instructions, and some help from arch wiki. It seems very buggy. Have to do more testing/researching.
In the end I installed libfprint0 from stretch-backports, rebooted a few times, and executed sudo pam-auth-update - now it works reasonably well. It seems very finicky (success rate less than 50%), but after registering my right index finger for all fingers the success rate seems better. I can now log in (lightdm) and sudo with it.

Some info about Intel RST

...that's Rapid Start Technology.

I had to create the partition and set its type with fdisk, gparted doesn't seem to have an option for 0x84: