September 3rd 2017

linux, udev

Creating Udev Rules

Mostly this article. Most people will be using systemd now, so systemctl should be used instead of init/service etc. As a proof of concept I wrote a [...]

January 22nd 2018

linux, pinebook


The Pinebook is a cheap laptop powered by a 64bit ARM-based single board computer. It comes in 2 sizes, with an 11" screen and a 14" [...]

January 22nd 2018

linux, pinebook

Pinebook Hacks

In my previous article I described how to get going with a pinebook. Here are a few pinebook-specific hacks to follow up. Disclaimer: It seems I have [...]

September 30th 2015

linux, archlinux


How to make best use of a 2010 Acer Aspire One introduction install arch linux i3 window manager power management battery life more todo's file [...]