The Fluxbox Windowmanager

18 Apr

This article is part 4 of a series.

What fascinates me about Fluxbox is its history. It has been around for a very long time (since ~2001), is still actively developed and has a devoted user base. In its early days it must have been the number one alternative window manager / desktop environment for all the leet & stylish linux hackers.


The i3 Window Manager

31 Jan

Part three of a series.

i3 is a tiling window manager. That's how it advertises itself, but dynamic and floating both apply, too.

On a minimal system like mine, the windowmanager is most of the working environment. To determine how well it supports my workflow and integrates with my other utilities, I have to use it for a while. Longer than planned, I simply never got around to testing the next windowmanager or even going back to my old favorite openbox. Which is a good sign - i3 is usable.


twm window manager

12 Nov

twm is historical. It dates back to 1987, and is still being developed (although I think "maintained" would be more appropriate). I simply wanted to try it out and see what I can do with it, if I can customize it to my needs, both in functionality and looks.


dwm window manager

12 Nov

I am interested in window managers that can do both tiling and floating layouts. I don't think I'll ever become a tiling purist, but trying out dwm for some longer time has been a good experience.
There's some truth in it - the lack of "features" helps to focus on what's relevant. Both looking at and getting around my dwm desktop has been a pleasant experience (i cannot pretend that looks aren't important at all).


17 Window Managers

06 Aug

This article has grown to 19 windowmanagers by now. It might grow even more.
But of course there are even more window managers than this! I think Linux is somewhat famous for having so many.

My interest was in those that

  • typically run in a standalone session (not as part of a desktop environme...