17 Window Managers

06 Aug

This article has grown to 19 windowmanagers by now. It might grow even more.
But of course there are even more window managers than this! I think Linux is somewhat famous for having so many.

My interest was in those that

  • typically run in a standalone session (not as part of a desktop environme...


SSL/https - Secure Browsing with CAcert

22 Mar

tl;dr: Install this and this certificate, then click here to get straight to the https version.

It makes sense to encrypt web traffic.
This is achieved through SSL and addresses then start with https://.
Everyone can encrypt their web traffic, but it requires a certificate for...


Download all files of (a) certain type(s) from a website

16 Feb

If you get a "Forbidden" error for certain folders, it might help to start at the root of the site.

wget --recursive --no-directories --level=2 --accept pls,PLS,m3u,M3U \
--reject "*32.pls","*24.pls" \
http://somafm.com/ ; rm robots.txt

This will download all playlists for all s...


Bash prompt and Icon font

09 Feb

Thanks to Head_on_a_Stick, who made me aware of powerline and its accompanying fonts. I'm a long-time user of the Terminus font, and I was very happy to find a patched version called Terminess.

However, powerline itself seems far too convoluted for my needs, and even after studying the docs...