Updating SailfishOS

The phone will alert you that there's an update. Go to Settings => Sailfish OS Updates.
As always, backup first.
Then, download the update.
I get a message that I need to "remove or revert the following packages".
Time to look around for help, like the release notes for the version you're updating to.

I found some advice in the release notes) and decided to remove the packages the updater complained about and a few more.
I have enabled connection via ssh so I can do this on the command line from the comfort of my computer:

devel-su zypper remove deadbeef deadbeef-mpris2-plugin deadbeef-silica \
harbour-clutch harbour-nayttamo harbour-pure-maps libopusfile mapboxgl-qml \
transmission transmission-daemon transmission-common aliendalvik-control harbour-storeman

Strangely, it also wanted to update some packages, but everything went through nicely.
Reboot to be sure.

The warning message stays but can now be safely ignored.

Install the update via GUI. Takes a few minutes.

I have to reinstall The Openrepos Storeman manually. With the SFOS browser, go to this URL and click on the harbour-storeman-installer-*.rpm link. Open the Installer application, which will then install the actual Storeman app and uninstall itself.

After opening Storeman for the first time, it takes a long time to refresh its cache.

Command line

First, disable all Storeman repositories (there's an option for this in the Repositories pulldown).

If you use Patchmanager, disable all patches (I rebooted after doing that).

"" should be replaced with the version you're upgrading to. You must always upgrade to the next stop release.

ssu re
ssu ur
zypper ref
zypper dup

The last command is the crucial one. Take a good look at what it says before you continue.
Some tutorials recommend other commands, namely version --dup, which just seems to pack the last 3 commands into one, without asking the user to confirm anything.