Me on Mr Robot

13 Oct

A collection of posts I made regarding the TV series Mr Robot

First season:

mr robot is quite entertaining.
i don't buy the hero's social disability angle (others have acted that part much better in other series, e.g. ryan cartwright as gary in alphas, or tony shaloub as monk), but after episode 1 it's not really mentioned anymore and the story is good enough in itself.

it's a story that has been told many times.
james dean, various marvel heroes...
...rewritten for a generation deeply immersed in internet & computer technology, whether they do it for a living or not.

i'm never quite sure about the hacking aspect, how realistic it is. probably not very, though more so than most productions.

...and later for Season 2 ("2.0" actually):

tbh, there's a few things i find EXTREMELY annoying about mr robot.

  • there's the ridiculous impact it had on the linux community for one.
  • the whole "righteous-but-hurt-and-paranoid-teenager" thing (look up righteous).
  • it's both YACT (yet another conspiracy theory) and smacks of first-world-problem
  • even though they're "typing out real linux commands" and it is more realistic than the usual hollywood hacker stuff, it still isn't realistic. in other words, the characters as well as some of the viewers are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

BUT - the plot is rather twisting & interesting, and while my main points of criticism have NOT changed from season 1 to season 2, season 2 is indeed quite different from season 1.

and i like to keep an eye on what moves the youngest generation.

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