August 6th 2016

19 Window Managers

Linux is somewhat famous for having so many different winddowmanagers; this is not a complete list. My interest was in those that typically run in [...]

November 12th 2016

TWM Window Manager

twm is historical. It dates back to 1987, and is still being developed (although I think "maintained" would be more appropriate). I simply [...]

January 1st 2017

The Fluxbox Windowmanager

This article is part of a series. due to loss of data, links to downloads from my own site don't work, but I'm hoping to recover most of it soon. I [...]

November 12th 2016

dwm window manager

I am interested in window managers that can do both tiling and floating layouts. I don't think I'll ever become a tiling purist, but trying out dwm [...]