January 22nd 2018


The Pinebook is a cheap laptop powered by a 64bit ARM-based single board computer. It comes in 2 sizes, with an 11" screen and a 14" [...]

February 25th 2017

Customizing the Linux Console

A collection of tricks that also have an effect on the non-graphical environment, a.k.a. the console. I do not use a display manager or splash [...]

January 22nd 2018

Pinebook Hacks

In my previous article I described how to get going with a pinebook. Here are a few pinebook-specific hacks to follow up. Disclaimer: It seems I have [...]

September 8th 2018

An Open Letter To LinuxQuestions

...or maybe to myself. Introduction Two things first: 1. "This is a Linux Forum" - yes, it is. But wherever people come together to discuss [...]

January 22nd 2018

Nginx and Trailing Slashes

This is a well-known problem for nginx users: an URL points to a directory, but misses the trailing slash, which results in nginx looking for a file, [...]